How far do things go at strip clubs in Las Vegas?

Im thinking of taking my wife to a strip club in Vegas (Like Olympic Gardens) where they have Male/Female entertainment.
We would hang together for the most part to have fun with eachother, and I’m wondering how far do things go in a strip club? Is it just slipping the money in the gstring and lapdances, or do/can things turn into like public sex or something? I am curious so I know what to expect.

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11 Responses to “How far do things go at strip clubs in Las Vegas?”

  1. sarge927 says:

    This is what I have been told about strip clubs in LV:

    OFFICIALLY: They’ll do table dances and lap dances, but you’re not allowed to touch them with your hands.

    OFF THE RECORD: Anything goes, as long as you have enough money…

  2. Sidewalk's Going to Vegas says:

    It depends how much you spend in there. They will tell you no touching but if you get a VIP booth well let’s just say there might be touching.

  3. cg9214 says:

    Anything goes with the right amount of money. Crazy Horse is the most upscale. You won’t find that attitude on the floor, but you will in the VIP.

    Skyline lounge is a low-key, pretty girls, clean strip club off the strip.

  4. Mrsanswerperson says:

    Crazy Horse is Closed Down. Stay away from Olympic Gardens it is now a SH*th*le. You want Treasures, Sapphire, Or Spearamint Rhino. If your wife want to see Male Strippers-Chippendales is at the Rio and Thunder From Down Under is at the Excalibur. I thought the Guys from Thunder put on a much better show, plus it is a non-tipping show. The Chippendales however is a full strip and is a tipping show.

    Also Many, Many Men Bring their wives/Girlfriends to stripclubs in vegas and Many Female Business women are happy to meet male clients at the stripclubs of their choice. It’s just Part of Vegas.

    As far as “how far” well, Technically Prostitution is illegal in Clark County, you have to go to Pahrump to a brothel.

    It depends on the girl, your attitude and how much money. Most men prefer not to chance it with a stripper, instead they just go to one of the brothels. You know, the garantee and all. The cabbies are often paid by the stripclubs and the brothels by the head to bring you there.

    Have fun.

  5. snowriver says:

    Things can go far in the privacy of you own room , but in a club… You touch one of the dancers, you will be out on the crub. before u can say { lap dance} All is fun, but the line can not be crossed in most places…..

  6. NoSEOPro says:

    It varies by club and also by the individual girls. Sometimes the experience is better in the VIP rooms but sometimes it is not at all–just more expensive. There is definitely no public sex at any of the clubs. There is a website listed below that has a review of all the clubs and is pretty up to date with the exception of the Men’s Club which closed.

  7. JB says:

    Hubby and I went to Sapphire if I’m not mistaken. It was really nice. Public sex takes place at The Green Door and Red Rooster(i think thats the name).

  8. USMC Rando says:

    It will go untill your broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. HP says:

    went to sapphire recently, and a basic 20 dolla lap dance, you could touch everything feel everything, and the private’s are just longer, more, and private.

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